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The Power of Collaboration

 Working Together Towards Excellence

Think Plus ESG and Think Plus Academy offer unique value propositions in their respective areas:

Think Plus ESG:

  1. Collaborative Network: Think Plus ESG operates as a consortium of players, bringing together consultants, trainers, coaches, SMEs, and industry players under a collaborative network. This collaborative approach ensures a diverse range of expertise and resources to address ESG challenges effectively.

  2. Sustainable Business Network Association (SustNET): Think Plus ESG leverages its partnership with SustNET, a leading sustainability network in Malaysia, to access a wide pool of sustainability professionals and organizations. This collaboration enhances the capabilities and knowledge base of Think Plus ESG.

  3. Comprehensive Solutions: Think Plus ESG provides end-to-end solutions in the field of ESG, covering various aspects such as ESG assessments, reporting, strategy development, training, and coaching. This holistic approach enables organizations to implement sustainable practices across their operations.

Think Plus Academy:

  1. Coaching and Certification Focus: Think Plus Academy differentiates itself by offering coaching sessions as an integral part of its Executive Master and Diploma programs. This coaching approach enhances the learning experience and supports participants in applying sustainability concepts effectively. Additionally, the inclusion of assessment modules allows for certification, recognizing of participants' achievements.

  2. Expert Faculty: Think Plus Academy has a team of experienced and knowledgeable faculty members who possess expertise in sustainability and related fields. These experts bring a wealth of practical insights and industry experience, enriching the learning journey for participants.

  3. Focus on Sustainability: Think Plus Academy specializes in providing training and education specifically focused on sustainability, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), and related topics. This specialization ensures a deep dive into these areas, enabling participants to develop a thorough understanding of sustainable practices and their applications.

Overall, Think Plus ESG and Think Plus Academy offer distinct approaches and expertise, contributing to their uniqueness in addressing ESG challenges and delivering comprehensive sustainability solutions.

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