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Think Plus has international and local partners who are trainers and coaches in supporting business venturing and also collaboration. They come from different industries and also have experiences in banking, financing, contracting, closing deals, nurturing and also business matching


Think Plus has a pool of sustainability experts that are already registered with Think Plus and our Sustainability Business Network Associations (SustNET) in guiding the industry.

If you are interested in engaging them for short-term or long-term projects, kindly fill up the form under our outsourcing servic

Think Plus offers a diverse range of trainers and coaches across various industries. Specifically, they have 26 trainers and coaches dedicated to Engineering and Industries. They also have 24 trainers and coaches specializing in Government, Cooperatives, and NGOs. In addition, they have 27 trainers and coaches who focus on Manufacturing, 20 trainers and coaches for Tourism, Hospitality, and Retail, and 28 trainers and coaches who specialize in IT, Mobile, Marketing, Business Management, and Consulting. With this comprehensive team of experts, Think Plus aims to provide comprehensive training and coaching services across multiple sectors.

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