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Sustainability Practice in Tourism Industry


USD250 / Pax


1 Day

About the Course


1. Learn the steps in setting up sustainability toursim projects

2. Learn a real life example on how a local community benefited with the implementation of sustainability projects related to tourism

3. Learn how to establish relationship with the local community and share the toursim economic prosperity with them

4. Learn the values of sustainability tourism to protect the environment

5. Learn how to look at the sustainability impact

Learning Outcome

1. Able to apply sustainable practices for local community and support operations

2. Able to promote local culture as part of tourism products and services

3. Able to combine sustainability practice and business in a holistic manner

Certificate given

Advanced Certificate in Applied Sustainable Practice by GPM Global (USA)

Your Instructor

Muzammil Madzuki

1. Have vast experience in tourism industry and entrepreneurship, supporting national policies and industry engagement programs.
2. Have assisted many companies and government linked companies to support the local community in setting up sustainability related projects, and benefited the local economy as well as protecting the environment.
3. Trainer and Facilitator - Sustainable Business Network Association Malaysia (SustNET)

Muzammil Madzuki
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