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Sustainability Practices in Business Operations


USD500 / Pax


2 Days

About the Course


1. Learn the steps on how to develop a sustainable business

2. Learn how to set up business operations integrating sustainability impact - Social, Environment Economy

3. How to measure sustainability impact

4. How to develop a Business Case for Sustainability Impact Vision, Mission and Objectives

Learning outcome

1. Understand how to apply sustainable practices for business operations

2. Understand how to develop a business case and sustainability management plan

3. Understanding how to get certification for projects/businesses that have a sustainability impact

4. Understanding how to promote projects/businesses that have a sustainable impact

5. Understand the use of ESG Dashboard for impact assessment

6. Preapre ESG Report based on GRI Standards

7. Develop Sustainability Management Plan and Impact Assesment Report for Top Management

Certificate given

Professional Certificate in Applied Sustainable Practice by GPM Global (USA)

Your Instructor

Ts Dr Norsaidatul Akmar Mazelan

1. Have vast experience working with Ministry of Finance, Prime Minister's Department, Multimedia Development Corporation, Malaysia Debt Ventures, Think Plus Consulting, Think Plus Academy - Ph.D. B.A., MBA, B.Sc. (Hons) Mathematics
2. Certified Sustainability Project Manager (GPM-b),
3. Registered Consultant and Assessor (GPM Global), GPM Ambassador,
4. Board of Directors - ESG Malaysia
5. Vice President - Sustainable Green Impact Council,
6. Secretary General - Sustainable Business Network Association Malaysia,
7. Chairman - Energy Transition Working Group of Malaysia Oil and Gas Service Council (MOGSC).
8. Certified Trainer - BABSON & UNIRAZAK
9. Certified trainer - HRDF

Ts Dr Norsaidatul Akmar Mazelan
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