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Sustainability Practices in Waste Management


USD250 / Pax


1 Day

About the Course


1. Learn the steps on how to develop a waste management program

2. Learn how to set up a waste maangement operations

3. How to establish the sustainability impact measurement for waste operations

4. Understand the different types of waste management projects

5. Understand the future of waste manegement expertise

Learning Outcome

1. Able to apply sustainable practices for waste management process and operations

2. Able to measure key indicators for waste management reports

3. Able to produce waste audit and management plan to implement waste management strategy

Certificate given

Advanced Certificate in Applied Sustainable Practice by GPM Global (USA)

Your Instructor

Mohd Faisal Abd Rani

1. Conducted evaluation and awareness training on Waste management and community development awareness training
2. Conducting in proper waste segregation and management for the clean-up activities
3. Waste management & Giving talk and awareness in the waste segregation and recycling
o Handle the waste management of the event
o Giving talk and awareness in the waste segregation and recycling
o Organizing Composting Workshop
o Co Planning for the towards zero waste event
o Single use plastic waste segregation and upcycling
o Education and Awareness talk on segregation, zero waste and recycling and upcycling
4. Business development Activities
• Product identification
• Supplier and partner identification and connection
• Technical and marketing advise
• Business plan creation and direction
• Operation set up planning and advisory
5. Executive Committee Member - Sustainable Business Network Association Malaysia (SustNET)

Mohd Faisal Abd Rani
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